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MAE/CRUI Internships

Who are they offered to
To worthy young Italians in possession of one or more of the following titles of study "titolo di laurea breve" (3 year degree), a "laurea specialistica" (specialized degree of 5 years), a "laurea del vecchio ordinamento" (achieved no more than 18 months prior). Also, those in the process of graduating at Italian Universities and those enrolled in 1st and 2nd level Masters (however without having graduated more than 18 months beforehand) are also eligible

Where and when are they carried out
The possibility of carrying out a period of internship of three months at the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome or at the various bases of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad is offered:

Italian Institutes of Cultures
Italian Embassies
Italian Consulates
Offices at International Organizations

Who organizes them
The internships were founded though an agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Diplomatic Institute) and the Conference of Italian University Chancellors (CRUI). Up until now 57 Italian Universities have signed up for this agreement. In the period 2001-2004 almost 10000 applications were made and more than 3000 internships offered.

The program is aimed at those who wish to enter into contact with Italy’s system of International relations in the political, economic, socio-cultural, scientific sectors and in the field of cooperation and development, and it offers the chance to acquire – from an advantageous point of view- a direct and concrete understanding of the operation of the Ministry both in Italy and abroad. The program is designed both for those who are interested in gaining experience in order to begin an International career and for those who wish to peruse a project of study which deepens their knowledge and skills on site, as a means of completing their academic studies.

The Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Diplomatic Institute, in collaboration with the CRUI, takes care of the coordination of the project and the various aspects of its management. In particular, it defines its objectives, conditions and contents, it organises the periodic advertising of the positions offered with the relevant job descriptions, it promotes its wider expansion, it advances the selection of the candidates, it takes care of appropriate initiatives for a profitable and formative internship for the successful applicants at the assigned office, and it carries out a general monitoring of the internships and the results achieved. 

On the internet site of the Conference of Italian University Chancellors it is possible to find further information on the procedures and the requirements for participation, as well as the list of Universities which take part in the initiative. Those interested must also refer to the relevant offices of the respective universities which gather the applications and are able to provide any further instructions. Information can also be requested from the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign affairs at the following email address: