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Per Nome Abitanti


Per Nome Abitanti


Academic year 2008-2009


The scholarships are assigned for studies and/or research at the following state and legally recognized institutions:

- universities, university institutes and polytechnics;
- institutes for higher artistic and musical education;
- restoration institutes;
- National School for Cinema Studies (“Scuola nazionale di cinema”);
- University colleges, research laboratories or centers, libraries, archives and museums linked to the university courses (undergraduate or post-graduate) to which the candidate has to be enrolled.

The scholarships cannot be used for the following:

- foreign institutions (universities, academies, libraries or schools of any type) even if located in Italy;
- private research laboratories or centers not recognized by the Italian Government.

The exceptions are European University Institute (Istituto Universitario Europeo), inter-government university institutes linked to the European Union institutions and private universities (and their courses) which are legally recognized.


- Short language courses. Including preparatory courses for undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Italy.
- Single university courses. Students are required to sit the relevant examination at the end of the course.
- Undergraduate (bachelor) courses (corsi di laurea). Enrolment to some undergraduate (bachelor) courses is based on the selection of students as per Law no. 264/99. Students are therefore advised to select an alternative course at the same or another university in order not to lose the scholarship if their first choice application is not successful. However the alternative course must be of the same type as the first choice.
- Various courses in higher artistic and musical education. These refer to institutes for higher artistic, musical and dance education such as academies, conservatories, ISIA (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Arthistiche), restoration institutes and the National School for Cinema Studies (“Scuola Nazionale di Cinema”).
- Course in Italian language and culture for Italian teachers/professors. These Italian language (and culture) courses are reserved for foreign teachers/professors of the Italian language and for university students studying Italian language in at least their third year of studies. The scholarships can be used for the courses of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, Siena and Roma Tre or some other institutions legally authorized to issue the certification of the Italian as the second language (L2).
- Post-graduate courses. These courses include Master Degrees of level I and II (with a minimum duration of one academic year), doctorates (PhD) and Specialisations: 
- PhD. Admission requirement to these research programmes are at the discretion of each individual university. It is recommended to consult each institution directly or via its web sites. Enrolment to PhD courses is based on the selection of students. Students are therefore advised to select an alternative course at the same or another university in order not to lose the scholarship if their first choice application is not successful. However the alternative course must be of the same type as the first choice. PhD scholarships are offered initially for one year but renewal for the following years of PhD studies is possible, under the conditions of this regulation. The renewal process is further explained later. 
- Master. Candidates should be aware of the high costs of enrolment fees and of the possibility of spending some time at institutions outside Italy, sometimes for several months. Admission is often subject to the selection of the candidates and a minimum number of the participants, which means that students should be sure that the course commences and be aware that in the case of the cancellation of the Masters programme, the candidate can lose the scholarship. 
- Specialisations. These are not valid for medical disciplines (Lgs. N. 257, 08.08.1991).
- Research. These scholarships are available for all the disciplines and include the obligation to be enrolled and to attend a bachelor and/or a post-graduate course. It is necessary to have a letter of acceptance by a professor or by the chosen academic institution. At the end of the course, the scholarship recipient has to sit the relevant exam. This obligation does not apply to the scholarship recipients doing their research programmes at CNR, l’Istituto Superiore di Sanita’ or other research institutions of a similar level.


The scholarships are valid for the Italian academic year running from 1st October 2008 until 30th September 2009. In the case of PhDs and/or Masters, the period of the scholarship can be prolonged until 31st March 2010.


With the exception of the short (Italian language and culture) courses (1, 2 or 3 months), the scholarship can be assigned only for the periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Applications for time periods different from these will not be accepted.


The requirements, except for the attendance of the language courses, are the following:

Knowledge of Italian language.
- Knowledge of the Italian language is compulsory and has to be certified or ensured through an interview at the Italian Cultural Institute (or a cultural office of the Italian Embassy), or at the Italian “lettorato”.

- A candidate needs to have the required diploma/degree for admission to the chosen institution. These have to be officially translated into Italian by an official translator and the translation must be certified by the competent Italian diplomatic/consular office and accompanied by the “Declaration of value” (“Dichiarazione di valore”) issued by the same office.
- For admission to undergraduate (bachelor) courses at Italian universities, a candidate must have a diploma which would enable him/her to enrol at a local university in his/her home country.
- For admission to Specialisation courses and Masters Courses of level I and II at Italian universities, the required degree must be equivalent to an Italian bachelor degree. This degree certificate along with further documentation, depending on the requirements of the specific institution must be included in the application.
- For admission to “single” courses, it is enough to have a certificate of enrolment, issued by the university from which the candidate is coming.
- For admission to institutes of higher artistic and musical education, an academic certificate proving the completion of studies valid for admission to local state (or legally recognised) academies or conservatories is required.
- To follow the Italian language (and culture) courses, the (highest) pre-university diploma is required.

- N.B. To know more about the required diplomas/degrees candidates are advised to consult the regulations issued/announced annually by the Italian Ministry of Education (Ministero dell’Universita’ e della Ricerca (MIUR)), available on the web site: > universita’> studenti > studenti stranieri.

Age limits.
- Candidates applying for the scholarship must be less than 35 years old. This does not apply to Italian language teachers/professors as long as they are presently involved in the teaching of Italian language.
- As some institutions impose their own age limit, candidates are advised to verify these conditions directly with them (for example, at the “Scuola Nazionale del Cinema” the age limit is 27 years).

Applications not in accordance with the above requirements will not be accepted.


In order to select candidates the Italian Diplomatic Mission will establish the Italo-Singaporean “Joint Committee” by the relevant decree issued by the Head of Mission. The Joint Committee will include the same Head of Mission or his delegate and will meet only once to select candidates.


The selected candidates must complete the application at the Italian Embassy/ Italian Cultural Institute with the following documentation:

- Application form (form no. 1) indicating in particular: the duration of the scholarship, the institution where the course is to be attended, discipline of the studies, e-mail address and full name as in the candidate's passport.
- “Lettera d’impegno” (form no. 4)
- “Statement of the candidate” that the candidate is not using any other scholarship from the Italian Government for the same period (form no. 5)
- Medical certificate written in Italian or accompanied by an official translation, proving that the candidate is in good health. This certificate is required for the relevant health insurance.

- N.B. The above mentioned forms will be given to the selected candidates at the Italian Embassy/ Italian Cultural Institute

These have to be accompanied by the personal documents of the candidate as following:

- original (highest obtained) diploma/degree, inclusive of the relative transcripts, accompanied by the (official) translation into Italian certified by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular office
- passport
- 3 photographs.

The Italian Embassy/Consular office will issue the “Declaration of value” (“Dichiarazione di valore”) upon presentation of the relevant diplomas/degrees, necessary for enrolment at the Italian university/academic institution.

The Italian Embassy/Consular office will also issue the “Dichiarazione di assegnazione della Borsa di studio” which the candidate will need for his/her Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno”) and for the collection of the scholarship allowance.

The scholarship period must start from the 1st day of the month.


The official enrolment is done in Italy upon the student’s arrival. The student is obliged to inform the Italian MFA, DGPCC – Ufficio VI, within 8 days from his/her entry into Italy by sending the original enrolment certificate.


Any eventual renouncement of the scholarship by the candidate, as well as any change in the period of the scholarship and/or the choice of institution must be communicated to the Italian Government (via the Italian Embassy/ Italian Cultural Institute) no later than 28th November 2008.
Once the candidate is enrolled in the chosen course no changes of the course, discipline or institution are allowed. Any change is likely to result in the loss of the scholarship.


The scholarship recipient can enter Italy with a Study Visa obtained in the country of origin before departure that must be valid for the whole duration of the assigned scholarship.

The scholarship recipient must present himself/herself within eight days from the date of the entry into Italy at the Office for Foreigners situated at the Police Office (“Questura”) in the city where he/she will study, in order to get a Residence Permit (“Permesso di Soggiorno”). Apart from the documentation required by the Questura, the student must also present the “Dichiarazione di Assegnazione della Borsa di Studio” issued by the Italian Diplomatic office in his/her country before departure.


The scholarship recipient will be entitled to a prepaid return air ticket from the Italian Government, as set out in the Executive Programme of the Cultural Agreement. The request for the ticket must be made through the Italian diplomatic office/ Italian Cultural Institute and must reach the Italian Government at least 30 days before the commencement of the scholarship. The prepaid ticket, with an indicative departure date, will be available for collection in the country of origin, before departure. For the return trip, the student will need to contact the Italian Government (MFA, DGPCC Ufficio VI).

Tickets can only be issued to/from the city/country of origin and the one where the course is to be attended. If there are no direct flights from the country of origin to the Italian city chosen for the studies, the airports of the arrival/departure to/from Italy will be always Rome or Milan.

The right to obtain the air ticket is linked to the period of the scholarship. An extension of the stay in Italy, due to an extension of the studies, must be communicated to the Italian Government (MFA, DGPCC Ufficio VI) in time, accompanied by proof that the current studies require it, in order to qualify for the prepaid return ticket. However, this extension cannot be longer than six months from the completion of the scholarship period.


The scholarship allowance will be paid every three months, with the exception of the scholarships of shorter duration (one or two months) for the Italian language courses where the allowance will be available at completion of the scholarship period.

The allowance will be ready for collection at the “Tesoreria Provinciale del Tesoro (Banca d’Italia)” in the city where the scholarship recipient is staying/studying upon the presentation of an identification document (passport).

Immediately after enrolment, the scholarship recipients must send the original enrolment certificate to the Italian MFA (DGPCC – Ufficio VI) and thereafter at the beginning of each trimester a new (“renewed”) enrolment certificate for that trimester.

For the undergraduate (bachelor) courses where attendance is compulsory, scholarship recipients must also present the certificate of attendance for each trimester.

For the research programmes (CNR, l’Istituto Superiore di Sanita’ or at any other research centre of a similar level), where attendance is not compulsory, it is sufficient to submit a statement from the professor/person in charge of the project, on a letterhead, stating the name, surname, date, place of birth and nationality of the scholarship recipient.

Documentation will be collected from the scholarship recipients during the first month of each trimester and the allowance will be ready for collection not before the 20th of the second month of the same trimester.

Any delay in sending the documents/certificates or sending incorrect documents will result in a delay in the payment of the relevant scholarship allowance.

If the required documents/certificates are not sent to the DGPCC the student risks losing the right to the scholarship.

N.B. The scholarship allowance must be collected within two month from its arrival at the “Tesoreria Privinciale”, otherwise the sum will be available only upon written request by the scholarship recipient to the Italian MFA, DGPCC – Uff. VI) and with no assurance of when payment will be made.


Scholarship recipients will be insured for the scholarship period by the Italian Ministry via ASSITALIA number 100/00352716. The company details are given in the document “Promemoria del borsista” (which also contains all the necessary information/reminders for scholarship recipients before departure and after arrival in Italy).

The following are excluded from the insurance coverage:

a) Existing and chronic illnesses or those caused by any infective nature even remote
b) dental prosthesis


The exemption from course fees refers to enrolments to undergraduate (bachelor) courses (corsi di laurea), Laurea Specialistica, PhD research courses (dottorati di ricerca) and Specialisation courses (Specializzazione) excluding medical courses. The payment of the course fees for subsequent years of studies depends on the renewal of the scholarship. Students who are enrolled for a single university course are liable to pay the required fees. Any eventual exemption or deduction of the course fees for the single courses depends on the sole decision of the academic institution.
Students are advised to seek further information in a timely manner through direct contact with the chosen institution.


The application for renewal of the scholarship will be taken into consideration only when it enables the continuation/completion of a course which has a duration of more than one year (bachelor courses, specialisations, PhD programmes etc.).

The scholarship recipients requesting a renewal for the second year of a bachelor course must have passed at least two exams from the first year. For subsequent renewals all the exams of the previous year and at least two exams of the current academic year must have been passed. If all the conditions/requirements are met, the renewal has precedence over new applications and should be guaranteed.

For the renewal the student must submit the following documents:

- the application form (form no. 1)
- certificate issued by the Italian university of the exams passed;
- statement that the candidate is not using any other scholarship from the Italian Government for the same period (form no. 5)

These are to be submitted to the usual office where all the applications are collected (as stated in the announcements for each academic year).

N.B. The “Lettera d’impegno” signed for the first year remains valid for any renewal period.

Renewals count towards the total number of months of scholarship offered for that academic year.

THE SCHOLARSHIPS OFFER IS OPEN TO THE STUDENTS (undergraduate and graduate) from NUS & NTU

MONTHLY ALLOWANCE IS: EUR 700 (to be confirmed)

Application Submission Deadline and Address                                                                   


BY 16 MAY 2008

  • For NUS students:

    c/o Student Service Centre
    Yusof Ishak House Level 1
    National University of Singapore
    31 Lower Kent Ridge Crescent
    Singapore 119078

    Ms Natalie ANG
    NUS International Relations Office
    Tel: 6516 1489
    Fax: 6778 0177

    For NTU students:
    Nanyang Technological University
    International Relations Office
    International House #01-01
    36 Nanyang Avenue
    Singapore 639801

    Tel: +65 6790 5551
    Fax: +65 6792 6911


    Tel: +65.67904675
    Fax: 6792 6911

    The application must contain the following details:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone / fax numbers / e-mail address
    • Age
    • Educational qualification (university, course, transcript, degree if attained). Note: To submit a photocopy of the transcript and/or degree
    • Knowledge of Italian language. Note: To submit a photocopy of any certificate(s)
    • Area of studies interested in
    • Preferred period of stay in Italy
    • Reasons for applying to the scholarship. Any other elements which are useful in clarifying the approach to Italy
    • Previous stays in Italy and for what reason(s)
    • A letter of reference by an academic authority or company manager regarding the studies or employment experience.


APPLICATION FORM (Form no. 1) - Italian version
APPLICATION FORM (Form no. 1) - English version