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Learn Italian


Learn Italian


Every year half a million students attend Italian language courses outside Italy, in every country around the world.

Why do they do it?

Italian is a language of culture. Knowledge of Italian provides unmediated access to a literary heritage of fundamental importance to European history and culture, to a wide range of important humanistic and scientific texts, and to the riches of Italian theatre music, opera, cinema, and television.

Italian is a language of study. Every year, students from around the world who possess adequate knowledge of the language of instruction choose to attend Italy’s schools, universities, academies, and libraries.

Italian is a language of work. Managers, investors, technicians, artisans, and workers of all kinds learn Italian to improve their interaction both in Italy and elsewhere with the Italian world of industry, craft, and services.

If you are able to speak Italian, a visit to our country—with its warm and hospitable people, its cities of art, and its natural wonders—will become a still greater pleasure.