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Methods and Levels


Methods and Levels


The language courses are based on a communicative approach focused on both oral and written aspects. Starting from the most crucial linguistic structures it provides the students with speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

The classes are composed of a small number of students, in order to provide a better learning environment

1. Private lessons can be arranged at any time with full flexibility. Please contact 6336.3705
2. Latin language lessons are available upon request

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF) - Global Level Scale

Levels of the Common European                                                                                      Recommended CILS & CELI

Framework of Reference for Languages                           Courses                                    Certification Exams


BASIC USER (A1)                                                                Elementary I

                                                                                         Elementary II

                                                                                         Elementary III

                                                                                         Elementary IV                           CILS A1 / CELI Impatto (A1)


BASIC USER (A2)                                                                Pre-intermediate I

                                                                                         Pre-intermediate II

                                                                                        Pre-intermediate III                  CILS A2 / CELI 1 (A2)


INDEPENDENT USER (B1)                                                    Intermediate I

                                                                                         Intermediate II

                                                                                        Intermediate III                       CILS 1 (B1) / CELI 2 (B1)


INDEPENDENT USER (B2)                                                    Advanced I

                                                                                         Advanced II

                                                                                        Advanced III                           CILS 2 (B2) / CELI 3 (B2)


PROFICIENT USER (C1)                                                      Language & Culture I

                                                                                        Language & Culture II

                                                                                        Language & Culture III

                                                                                        Language & Culture IV

                                                                                        Language & Culture V

                                                                                        Language & Culture VI

                                                                                        Language & Culture VII

                                                                                        Language & Culture VIII

                                                                                        Language & Culture IX

                                                                                        Language & Culture X              CILS 3 (C1) / CELI 4 (C1)


Focus on Speaking
The course is designed for all those who want to enhance their conversation skills as well as their knowledge of the Italian culture and lifestyle. The course offers the opportunity of deepening the lexical, grammatical and syntactic aspects of the Italian language

A self-contained course for those who need basic Italian to “survive” in Italy or would like to get a “taste” of the language. The lessons are focused on everyday vocabulary and situations

Specialised classes
Tailor-made classes for companies’ staff who do not have time to attend regular courses. Upon request, the classes can be held at the companies’ premises

Private Tuition
Private tuition for one to three students can be arranged at any time with full flexibility