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Corsi Per Stranieri


Corsi Per Stranieri

Italian language and culture courses offered by Italian universities:

The University Colleges, legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) offer opportunities for study residence to foreign students at 45 colleges located in 15 cities all over Italy.

For more details, please visit the official website:

“The Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall not be held accountable for any damages that may derive from the choice of one of the above-mentioned university colleges”.

Italian language, culture and other courses offered to foreigners

Consult the list of schools, centers, and institutes offering courses directed mainly to foreign students.

You can search courses by region and/or city and/or type. If you choose to search under course type, the menu listing is intentionally general- for example "Italian language", "Design", "Music" and "Singing"- and so it is important to refer to the website of the specific school for further details about the course.
If you are doing a search on Italian language courses, a visit to the websites of the centers mentioned here will help you to identify schools exclusively devoted to teaching Italian to foreigners and those that offer Italian language courses as well as courses in fields such as art, design, cooking, etc.

The soundness of a school’s management and the quality of teaching are guaranteed in Italian language and culture schools that have obtained an acknowledgement called the MIUR “Presa d'atto” (which is given after inspection by the Minister for Education or a University, or through scientific research)

A visit to a school’s website will allow you to determine whether the school is part of an Association that safeguards the quality of services offered. Those associations are:

at a national level:

 ASILS (Associazione Scuole di Italiano come Lingua seconda)
 AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua)
at an international level:
 FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations)
 ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations)
 IALC (International Association of Language Centres)
 TANDEM (International Network of Quality Language Institutes)
 EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services)
 IHWO (International House World Organisation)

It is also important to know whether the school is accredited, and if it is licensed to issue accreditation for Italian as a Foreign Language.

For  those schools that do not have any of the above requisites, we advise you to check in their website in order to obtain clear and precise information on:
• financial information on courses offered (price, deposits, refunds of deposits in case of cancellation, etc.)
• the school itself (building, classrooms, equipment, etc.)
• aspects of student accommodation (cost and location)
• teaching staff (qualifications)
• instructional materials used