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THEMATIC BANQUET: Food, Art and Innovation: the Pop Art in the Kitchen



THEMATIC BANQUET: Food, Art and Innovation: the Pop Art in the Kitchen

The Italian Academy of Cuisine, Delegation of Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, is contribuiting to the International Week of Italian Cuisine with a banquet held at Buona Terra (restaurant). The theme of the evening is : “Food, Art and Innovation: the Pop Art in the kitchen”.
A colourful and delectable visual and culinary parlour of the artistic movement that, since the 60s, has influenced the art, life and culinary trends of the whole world.
The Italian Academy of Cuisine was founded in Milano in 1953 by Orio Vergani together with other leading figures in the fields of culture, industry and journalism. Designated as a Cultural Institution of the Italian Republic in 2003, the Academy’s mission is to safeguard traditional Italian cuisine and improve and promote it in Italy and abroad. The Academy studies all aspect of gastronomy and Italian cuisine; it generates proposals, provides information in response to requests from public officials, agencies, associations and public and private institutions and promotes initiatives aimed at fostering a better understanding of traditional
Italian culinary values. In Singapore our Association has concentrated its activity on the organization of quality and innovative convivial events focussed on culture and dissemination and preservation of the convivial spirit.
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Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Time: From 7:30 pm To 10:00 pm

Organized by : Italian Academy of Cuisine

In collaboration with : Buona Terra

Entrance : With fee


Buona Terra Restaurant